At MDatWork, a one-on-one doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for providing high-quality patient care that leads to a reduction in health care costs, and when used properly, telemedicine can be an effective tool that supports both objectives.

Telemedicine is a two-way, real time interactive communication between the patient and the physician that improves employee engagement while offering significant cost savings for the employer.  The use of telemedicine allows us to continue to provide personalized patient care for follow up visits, consultations and routine check-ups.  And when appropriate, 24/7 access to a provider offers immediate care that often reduces unnecessary and costly trips to the ER.

The potential use of telemedicine should be included in every clinic evaluation. The proper use of telemedicine offers patients and the employer:

  • A cost effective method to improve patient interaction with their primary care physician

  • Improved access and communication with healthcare specialists that helps in proper diagnosis of potential chronic conditions

  • Access to 24/7 healthcare service to help reduce unnecessary ER utilization

  • An enhancement that improves the overall delivery of quality healthcare